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Nice Garibaldi

It is located in the port area, between the Boulevard Jean-Jaures, Dr. Ciaudo Street, Avenue of the Republic, and the streets and Catherine Cassini-Ségurane. Semi-pedestrian is crossing the center axis by a two-lane covered with cobblestones, which connects the street to the Cassini is the Rue du Docteur Ciaudo west. Two other ways ensure the circulation of the place: one that runs along the south side to connect the boulevard Jean Jaurès Ségurane-Catherine Street, and another south-east side which connects the street and the Cassini-Catherine Street Ségurane . Line 1 of the Nice tramway also crosses the site from north to south, and stop serving the Piazza Garibaldi. This crossing is made without overhead contact line to preserve the quality of the place.

Source : Wikipedia : Place Garibaldi

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